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Sponsorship Opportunities in the Pagel Activity Center

Why Sponsor in Pagel Activity Center

The Pagel Activity Center is located on the campus of Minnetonka High School and is the home arena for both Minnetonka Boys and Girls Varsity/JV Hockey Teams, the Minnetonka Youth Hockey Association, Impact Summer Hockey Camps, and many other users. 

  • The Minnetonka Boys and Girls hockey teams play approximately 26 games per season in Pagel with average attendance of about 1,100.
  • Minnetonka Youth Hockey Association is one of the largest associations in the state with typically over 1000 skaters and 60 or more teams per season.
  • Impact Summer Camps bring in skater from all over the metro and run from mid-June through the end of August.
  • Pagel also host many tournaments, men's leagues, spring leagues, private rentals, and high school classes. 
  • Pagel will typically rent over 5,200 hours of ice time per year to visitors from all over the metro

Your company name/logo will not only be seen by visitors and fans in the arena but also to people all over the state through the live streaming of all games in the facility with

Sponsoring within Pagel is a great way to show community support and also supporting the local youth sports programs.

For more information of sponsoring within Pagel contact:

Matthew Brausen


Sponsorship Options

There are various opportunities available to best fit your company needs. See below for some of the most common areas available to sponsor within the arena.

Dasher Boards

Dasher board sponsorship can be placed in both arenas. They include full color graphics with a protective sleeve that are displayed on the board directly across from the seating areas, viewing areas, and on live streaming.

In-Ice Logos

In-ice logos are full color approximately 12' x12' logos that are placed directly under the ice. They can be placed in both arenas and are visible from seating areas, viewing areas, and on live streaming. Two year commitment required. Typically, in-ice logos are replaced while ice is out every 2 years.

Arena Glass

Arena glass spaces are available on both rinks. They are large full color displays that are placed directly on to the arena glass. They are visible from seating arena, viewing areas, and on live streaming.

Player Benches

The player benches are the biggest locations for sponsors in the facility.  They feature full color banners running the entire length of the player benches or score/penalty box area. They are visible from the seating area, viewing areas, and on live streaming. 

Currently Unavailable

Running Track

The running track spaces offer full color logos directly on the glass surrounding the running track. It can be viewed from the seating area and the viewing areas.

Ice Resurfacer

Everyone loves to watch the zamboni going around the rink. Have your company's name visible while everyone is watching it work. Full color wrap is visible from seating and viewing areas. 

Currently Unavailable

Wall Display

The Rink 2 wall displays are large full color banners that hang on the wall directly behind both player benches. They will be approximately 7 ft. x 5 ft.  They are visible from the seating area, viewing areas, and on live streaming. 

Concession Menu/Lobby TV Screens

The concession stand has added new digital menu boards. Have your companies name running along the bottom of the menu board during not only all hockey events in Pagel, but also for all high school soccer, lacrosse, track and field, and football events in Einer Anderson Stadium. 

Naming Rights

There are many areas and rooms in Pagel that your company could put their name on. When securing naming rights for an area of the facility, the name of the area will be displayed outside the room. It will also be used whenever that area is mentioned by the facility and displayed on the website.

Summer Pick-Up Hockey

Help keep prices low for Pagel's Summer Pick-Up hockey. Our pick-up program is offered to all ages of youth skaters and runs for 6-7 weeks during the months of June and July. This program is designed around bringing winter pond hockey indoors for youth skaters to work on skills and play unstructured games with their friends.

Your company logo will be displayed on the Pick-Up Hockey page of the website, promotional materials, and at all sessions throughout the summer.

Pagel Management

Matt Brausen

Arena Manager

Phone: Office: 952-470-4409 or Cell: 320-761-7708

Amber Karcher-Ramos

Office Manager

Phone: 952-470-4099

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