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Mite FAQ's

This section is an attempt to answer some of the most common and pressing questions about Minnetonka Mite Hockey.  If you have additional questions or have ideas for additional topics, please contact 


  1. How can I help?
  2. How long is the season and when does it begin?
  3. How many times per week do the kids skate?
  4. Where are practices and games held? 
  5. What equipment is required?
  6. How are the teams created and the kids placed on teams?
  7. What is the game format? 
  8. Is my child required to attend pre-season Development clinics that occur in October?
  9. Does my child need a Participation Waiver to play with the Minnetonka Youth Hockey Association (MYHA)?
  10. When do we get notified of our teams and practice/game schedules?
  11. How many Volunteer Hours do Coaches and Team Managers receive?


How can I help?  

Our entire Mite program depends on dedicated parent volunteers for a successful season!   Anyone can volunteer as a Coach or Team Manager.  Coaches lead the on-ice development of the players and team managers assist the coaches with off-ice activities, such as picture day and team social events.  In addition, a large group of volunteers is needed to help with planning, sponsor coordination, set-up and other tasks involved in the successful end-of-season Mite Jamboree event.  Please contact either the Boys or Girls Mite Director at or to volunteer!


How long is the season and when does it begin?

Registration for the season will open at in July and will remain open through September 30.  MYHA conducts Development Clinics (which are included in the registration fee) for each Mite level beginning in either early-October (for Mite 3/4 and 8U) or mid-October (for Mite 1/2 and 6U).  Clinics are typically held every weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.  Clinics conclude in early November. (Please note: If Development Clinics start before the official close of registration , your child's registration must be completed before participating in the clinics.)   The Mite teams will be finalized and practice will begin in mid-November  The season ends in March with the Mite Jamboree.  


How many times per week do the kids skate? 

With few exceptions, all Mite level teams will skate twice during the weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday.  Once the area outdoor rinks open, typical in late December or early January, coaches are encouraged to schedule a weekly, mid-week practice at one of the outdoor rinks.   The Mite 3, Mite 4 and 8U teams may also have an additional mid-week indoor practice scheduled as ice availability allows throughout the season.


Where are practices and games held? 

As much as possible, ice time is scheduled at either the Pagel Activity Center (on the campus of Minnetonka HS) or at the Minnetonka Ice Arena (Rinks A&B).  On occasion, Mite practices might be scheduled at Velocity Training Center (Eden Prairie) or the Eden Prairie Community Center.  During the season, scrimmages and games might be scheduled with teams from other associations within District 6 at their home rinks.  These rinks included Braemar Arena, Eden Prairie Community Center, Victoria Community Center, Chaska Community Center, Dakotah! Ice Arena in Prior Lake, Shakopee Ice Arena, or Waconia Ice Arena.  

MYHA, in accordance with Minnesota Hockey rules, does not permit any of the Mite level teams to play teams outside of District 6 without prior approval.  


What equipment is required? 

Full hockey gear, including mouth guard and neck guard, is required for all clinics, practices and games.  Please see the Mite Equipment List on the Mite Level Information Page.  


How are the teams created and kids placed on teams? 

Once registration has closed we will begin the process of forming teams.   We do not evaluate or hold try-outs for Mite1, Mite2, or U6 level teams.  Criteria for team creation include:  school of attendance, the need for equal team numbers and any need to balance teams for either competitive balance or coaching needs.  It is our desire to have the kids skate with friends/peers from their school when possible.  This fosters stronger friendships and allows for pond hockey opportunities at the neighborhood parks. We do not accept friend or team requests, but we try to place kids with other kids from their school of attendance whenever possible.  The intention is to have the kids skate with both peers from their school as well as meet kids from other schools as well.  "School groups," does not mean every player from a given school is placed together   It seldom works out that one school would have precisely the right number to form an entire team, and even when that happens these groups are often split in the interest of building the Minnetonka hockey community versus consolidating one elementary school versus another. 


What is the game format? 

Our Mite teams will play a weekly cross-ice game for a portion or all of their games depending on the age group.  Mite 1, Mite 2 and 6U teams will play cross-ice, 3 vs 3 format for the entire season.  Most weeks, each team will be split into two groups with cross-ice games at both ends of the rink.   Mite 3 and 8U Intermediate teams will play cross-ice, 3 vs 3 for a majority of the season, and then switch to 3/4 or full-ice toward the end of the year in order to begin working on rules and game flow of full-ice games.   Mite 4 and 8U Advance teams will begin the season playing cross-ice, 3 vs 3 before switching to a full-ice games.  Minnesota Hockey rules allow Mite teams to play up to 6 full ice games per year. 


Is my child required to attend the Skill Development Clinics that occur in October? 

The clinics that occur in October are included as part of your season registration and are considered the beginning of the Mite season.  The Skill Development Clinics provide an excellent opportunity to return to the ice after a summer of playing other sports and prepare for the beginning of team practices in November.  The clinic schedules will be available in mid-September. 


Does my child need a Participation Waiver to play with the Minnetonka Youth Hockey Association (MYHA)? 

Please refer to the Participation Rule 2014 page on our website.  Your child must either live within the Minnetonka School District boundaries or be open-enrolled at a school in the Minnetonka School District to play in MYHA.  If you open enroll, you MUST obtain a waiver from your home association to participate. 


When do we get notified of our teams and practice/game schedule? 

Once registration has closed we will immediately begin the process of creating teams and scheduling ice time for practice and games.  We will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible with your team information and the schedule for the first month of your team’s ice time.  Please understand this is a very big job and we do our best to notify you as soon as possible.  With team practices starting in mid-November, we work hard to have the teams assigned by early November.


 How many Volunteer Hours do Coaches and Team Managers receive?

For 2020-2021, the following hours are available:

Mite Head Coach - 24 hours

Mite Assistant Coach - 8 hours* (teams can roster as many coaches as they wish, but only 3 are eligible to receive volunteer hours.)
Mite Team Managers - 4 hours**


* Teams are allowed to have more than three rostered assistant coaches, however, if a team has more than three assistant coaches, the Head Coach will decide which coaches will receive volunteer hours specifically for coaching.  All coaches must be rostered to be on the ice at any time during a practice or game, regardless of if you are receiving volunteer hours or not.  MYHA strongly encourages anyone interested in coaching to apply and be rostered to their child's team.  Many times through the season coaches will be unavailable due to person obligation or an obligation with an other team.  Any team having a large roster of coaches is able to seamlessly coordinate practices and games despite these absences.
**To receive credit, the Team Manager must also assist with the Mite Jamboree.

Coaches/Manager Volunteer Hours cannot be divided, reassigned or gifted to another coach either on the same team or any other team in the association.



Jason Piant

Boys Mite Director

Chris Makinen

MYHA Girls Mite Director