MYHA Tryout Coach Selection

Coaching Selection

Coaches are recruited and selected by the Hockey Development Director & Committee and approved by the MYHA board.  Each head coach is responsible for selecting their assistant coaches and team manager, subject to final approval of the Hockey Development Committee and MYHA board. If a head coach is not appointed to a team before tryouts, the team director along with the level coordinator will recruit volunteer coaches from the parents of roster players, again subject to final MYHA board approval. 

  1. Head Coaches may select assistant coaches prior to tryouts if the assistant coach does not have a child playing at the level they are coaching.
  2. Head Coaches may select parents to be assistant coaches who have children playing at that level only after tryouts are completed.

Team Roster Size    

The MYHA ideal team roster size varies by level.  Listed below are ideal time sizes:

Bantams/15U – 13-15 skaters and 2 goalies

Peewee/12U – 13-15 skaters and 2 goalies

Squirt/10U – 13-15 skaters and 2 goalies

MYHA reserves the right to modify the team roster size due to variances in numbers of players at each level.  The hockey development director/committee determines the final roster size (but not the individual players) for each team.

Team Promotions 

If a team loses the services of a player for any reason, for the remainder of the season, the head coach may request to the Team Director that a player be promoted from the next lower level.  The decision of whether or not to move players, and which players are moved will be made by the HDC committee and MYHA board.  The board will weigh the benefit to the player (s) being moved, and the requesting team, against the disruption of team unity caused by the team losing players and decide in the best interest of all concerned.