MYHA Bantam, Peewee, Squirt, 15U, 12U & 10U Tryout Information

MYHA has established a process summarized in this guideline for conducting team tryouts.  The key objective of the tryout process is to ensure that each player is given a fair evaluation and that all players are placed at the appropriate level for their individual abilities. This tryout guideline is exactly that, a guideline. There is no way to create a policy for every conceivable circumstance. When the situation occurs when the general well-being of a player and our association is not appropriately addressed within these guidelines, the MYHA Board reserves the right to amend, or disregard these guidelines on a case-by-case basis.


Any youth player who meets the eligibility requirements as determined by the Minnesota age guidelines and the MYHA board are invited to participate in MYHA tryouts. Tryouts are mandatory for all players whose objective is to play at an “AA”, “A” or “B” team level.  Tryout fees will be assessed (included in registration fees) to all players who participate in tryouts.  A player may elect not to participate in tryouts, in which case they will be automatically assigned to a “C” team, or the lowest team level fielded at their appropriate level. Players who elect not to participate in tryouts will not be assessed tryout fees.       


In order to ensure a balanced number of participants on the ice, each player is assigned a specific tryout schedule. Players are required to attend their assigned tryout sessions. Players who attempt to attend a tryout session where they are not assigned a spot will be asked to attend their scheduled session.    


If a player is unable to attend one of their scheduled tryouts, they must notify the level coordinator prior to the start of that tryout.  The coordinator will determine whether the player will be assigned to a make-up session if one is available.   

Tryout Injury / Absence Guidelines (will miss entire tryouts)

Parent /guardian of an injured player must contact the MYHA Boys/Girls Director or Level Coordinator with an official doctor’s notice indicating that the player is unable to participate in tryouts.

An injured/ill player must be expected to return to 100% of his/her playing capabilities by December 1st, based on a doctor’s estimation, to be eligible for a spot on any “AA”, “A” or “B” team level.  This date is based on Minnesota Hockey Roster deadlines.  Players who cannot be expected to perform at their full playing potential by December 1st can be placed on a “C” team or lowest level offered, provided there are openings.

An injured player’s past performance may be discussed between the player’s previous year’s coach, the Boys/Girls Director, and the Hockey Development Committee members, with consideration being given to the coach’s recommendations.  Decisions regarding assigning players are final and not subject to grievance committee appeals. 

Players Injured or Absent During Tryouts

When a player misses a tryout session for an excused absence, the MYHA board reserves the right to assign that player to a team on a case-by-case basis. Players that desire the board to review their team assignment due to an excused absence must notify the Boys/Girls Director in writing. The notification must state the specific reason for the absence and any remaining tryout sessions they will be unable to attend.  The Boys/Girls Director will review the information with the Hockey Development Director/Committee to determine which team the player will be assigned to. In considering which team a player will be assigned to, the Hockey Development Director/Committee may review the following:

  1. The total number of tryout sessions missed and the player’s current ranking result in any completed tryout sessions.
  2. The player’s prior year evaluation and the level they played.
  3. Last year’s coach’s recommendation of "like" players for comparison and placement.

Decisions regarding assigning players due to missing tryouts are final and not subject to grievance committee appeals. 

Tryout Level Coordinators

The Hockey Development Committee selects a coordinator at each level to oversee and facilitate tryouts.  Along with the MYHA President and Boys/Girls Director, Level Coordinators are responsible for the organization and execution of tryouts. The primary responsibility of the level coordinators is to support MYHA to the best of their ability to ensure a safe, fair, and objective tryout process.


2023-2024 Tryout Level Coordinators & Directors

Bantams Hubbard Stout and Tony House

Peewee -  Hans Larsen and Greg Thompson

Squirt - Amy Jensen, Mark Godfrey and Tyler Bosch



Boys Director- Matt Drawz:

Girls Director- Sam Rogers:


Tryouts schedules are posted online as soon as they become available. Depending on their level, players will be asked to attend from three to five evaluation sessions. Each tryout session will be approximately 50 to 90 minutes in length and is designed to limit the number of players on the ice to a manageable number per session. 

The initial tryout groups will be established by placing all registered players at their level in random order and divided so we have an equal number of skaters and goalies.  After the first and/or second sessions, players will be assigned to a specific tryout scrimmage pool.  

Scrimmage pool assignments will be posted online at website. Tryout pool assignments are designed to help the evaluators grade players of comparable skill levels. Participating in a specific pool does not guarantee players will be assigned to teams drawn from that pool. Players may be asked to attend more than one tryout pool on the same day.

Goalie Only Session

During the tryouts, some levels will have a separate goalie-only evaluation session with only goalies, volunteer shooters, and evaluators allowed on the ice.  All goalies must attend these sessions in addition to their assigned groups.  The shooters will be volunteer players that are not trying out with the goalies.  Goalie-specific evaluators will grade these tryout sessions.

Lead Tryout Coordinator

MYHA has contracted with an outside Lead Tryout Coordinator who will serve as the on-site leader for all tryout sessions.  The MYHA Lead Tryout Coordinator is a paid induvial who does not have family, coach within MYHA, or serve as a coach with a private hockey training program or team. MYHA and the Hockey Development Committee’s expectations will be set with the Lead Tryout Coordinator prior to tryouts defining evaluation criteria, tryout format, how to complete forms, evaluation scale, comments, etc.


Outside evaluators (evaluators do not have family members playing at MYHA) and non-parent coaches (if available at a given level) will evaluate each session except for the Jr. Gold/U16 program.  In addition, goalie-specific evaluators will grade the goalies.  The HDC is not involved in player evaluations. 

Evaluation expectations will be communicated by the Lead Tryout Coordinator prior to tryouts defining evaluation criteria, tryout format, how to complete forms, evaluation scale, comments, etc. with each outside evaluator.

The outside evaluators and coach/staff will sit separately and evaluate the players individually (not as a group).  No discussion regarding players shall occur between the outside evaluators, the coaches, HDC members, or the general MYHA membership.  

Scoring for All Levels

Evaluators will use a new evaluation sheet for each session. 

Players will be graded using a scale from 1-10 during the tryout sessions.

A+ =10, A =9, A- =8, B+ =7, B =6, B- =5, C+ =4, C =3, C- =2, D =1 


The first two days will be used to place players into weighted pools for the final three days. The total scores of the last three days(pools) will determine the teams. In the event of a tie, the first two days’ scores will be taken into account. Evaluators will score players based on the following skill areas:  Skating skills, passing skills, stick handling skills, effort, attitude, team play, hockey IQ, checking skills (if applicable), and mobility. 

During each tryout pool, if the evaluator's consensus is that a player(s) has earned the opportunity to skate with a higher pool, the Level Coordinator will notify the player(s) before or during their tryout session. The player will leave the ice and rest in the locker room as they prepare to join the next pool. A player being asked to skate in a second session will have an opportunity to earn a higher score than he/she would’ve had in the original session. 

Goalies will be scored by evaluators on the following areas:  Stickwork, glove work, positioning, control of rebounds, passing skills, puck control, hustle, effort, team play, attitude, hockey IQ, and mobility.

Decisions regarding players' pool assignments during tryouts and team assignments after tryouts are completed are final and not subject to grievance committee appeals. 


  • Players attend your assigned tryout session.
  • At the first tryout session, check in with the level coordinator. They will give you a tryout jersey to keep for the duration of tryouts and answer any questions.
  • Players shall wear a black, white or blue helmet (NO Helmet Stickers) and a plain royal/navy blue, black, or white jersey with typical Tonka blue, black, and/or white colored socks.  MYHA jerseys are acceptable. 
  • Both socks should be the same color. 
  • NO NAME on the jersey or helmet. 
  • Wear all your standard hockey equipment, including mouth and neck guards.
  • Check your hockey bag each day before tryouts.
  • Arrive at the rink ½ hour early before each session.
  • If you are sick or injured, or otherwise unable to participate in tryouts, notify the Level Coordinator as soon as possible.   


MYHA will be conducting closed tryouts.  This means that parents, family, and friends will not be able to watch tryouts.  Only evaluators and volunteer help will be allowed in the rink.  Parents may assist a player in the locker room before their session but must leave before the tryout sessions begin.

  • No player will be allowed to tryout if their account is not current.  This means the registration fee and any past due amounts must be paid.  Please contact MYHA Treasurer ( if you have any questions regarding your account.
  • Players should be dropped off ½ hour before their scheduled tryout session.
  • The Hockey Development Director, Coaches, or Level Coordinators will not discuss or communicate any ranking, standing, or grading of any player or players to any player or parent during tryouts.
  • Parents should not discuss or communicate any ranking, standing, or grading of any player or players with the Hockey Development Director, Coaches or Level Coordinators during tryouts.  Parents should have NO contact with coaches and evaluators.
  • Questions during the tryouts should be addressed with the level coordinator.  Please remember the level coordinator is not evaluating players.  He/she is there for injury, absence, and logistical questions.
  • If the level coordinator is unable to provide a satisfactory response, concerns should be escalated to the Boys/Girls Director, Grievance Committee, and finally, the MYHA board. Under no circumstances should parents have direct contact during tryouts with the Hockey Development Director or head coaches.
  • Team selections will be posted 1-3 days after the last tryout session.
  • If your player requires special assistance or accommodations, please contact the Level Coordinator to arrange consideration.  MYHA will work with families requiring additional support. 
  • Once the final teams are posted, no player shall be moved to a higher level unless the higher level team has an issue fielding a team.  

Post Tryout Process

  • After tryouts, a 48-hour cooling-off period applies, during which neither the parents nor players may initiate contact with coaches, level coordinators, or MYHA Board members.
  • Feedback/comments from parents and/or players about the tryout process can be directed to the Boys or Girls Directors.  You can email or drop off a letter at Pagel.
  • Player final ranking or score WILL NOT be shared with players/parents.  Evaluator’s comments will NOT be made available.
  • Concerns regarding tryouts and team placement once tryouts are complete, must be submitted in writing (no emails) to the level coordinator.  Please drop off a written concern/request at Pagel Arena with the appropriate level coordinator’s name on it.
  • No player will be moved to a higher-level team once teams are posted.  Decisions regarding assigning players after tryouts are final and not subject to grievance committee appeals.